AI Techniques for Game Programming

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Welcome to AI Techniques for Game Programming. I think you’re going to find that it just might be one of the most useful books on game programming that you’ve ever picked up. Mat first came to my attention back in 2000 or so when he began posting in the GameDev ( forums on various aspects of game AI, answering questions of all kinds. He quickly garnered attention and praise from his fellow posters, particularly when he posted two tutorials he’d done on neural networks and genetic algorithms for public consumption. Mat saw a need for AI technologies such as these to be more accessible to game developers in hopes that they might incorporate them into their games, and his tutorials and patient answering of questions in the GameDev forums were obviously a way to try to make that happen. It is with some pride that I find myself now writing a foreword for a book on the subject; may it be the first of many.

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Mat Buckland

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