Programming game AI by example

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ชื่อไฟล์ : Programming game AI by example

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The objective of the book you hold in your hands is to provide a solid and practical foundation to game AI, giving you the confidence to approach new challenges with excitement and optimism. AI is an enormous topic, so don’t expect to come away from this book an expert, but you will have learned the skills necessary to create entertaining and challenging AI for the majority of action game genres. Furthermore, you will have a sound understanding of the key areas of game AI, providing a solid base for any further learning you undertake. And let me tell you, the learning process is endless! Being a good game AI programmer is not just about knowing how to implement a handful of techniques. Of course, individual techniques are important, but how they can be made to work together is more vital to the AI development process. To this end, this book spends a lot of time walk- ing you through the design of agents capable of playing a team sports game (Simple Soccer) and a deathmatch type shoot-’em-up (Raven), demonstrat- ing clearly how each technique is used and integrated with others. Furthermore, Simple Soccer and Raven provide a convenient test bed for further experimentation, and within the conclusions of many of the chap- ters are suggestions for future exploration.

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Mat Buckland

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